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Construction begins on the Knyazhye Ozero comfort class settlement

SAPSAN Company has officially started construction on the Knyazhye Ozero cottage settlement on the Novorizhskoye Shosse (Highway). The main distinctive feature of the settlement is its highly developed infrastructure. In the following years, everything required for a comfortable life in the countryside was integrated in the Knyazhye Ozero project, including sport facilities, a school, restaurants and a cafe, a supermarket, shops, and more.

For the first time ever in the construction of a settlement, the principles that have defined the development of the industry have been integrated in full, such as the architectural integrity of different quarters, the placement of basic view houses at angles and crossroads, and the division of territory.

The designers used the natural features of the landscape to make getting around easy for future residents. The hallmark of the settlement is in its diverse landscape and park design, including the
cascade of lakes, waterfront architecture, the Park of Eras, fountains, and other recreational areas.

In the same year, SAPSAN was awarded a certificate of the Russian National Olympus, and the Company President Sergey Shmakov became the undisputed Russian champion in rally raids, winning the Russian Cups for rally raids and the jeep trial.